About Jill & Her Approach

Personal Coaching…

Jill has worked extensively coaching clients one-on-one, and as well as with teams to create and foster higher performance. She partners to understand your needs, and to navigate your current situation. Each session is tailored to focus clients on reaching specific, measurable outcomes. Jill helps individuals create intentional practices to improve their leadership effectiveness. She believes that by being non-judgmental and very present, she can guide clients with empathy and understanding.


Jill’s particular blend of empathy, openness, and presence help foster deep and long-lasting relationships with adolescents, teens, and adults alike. She is committed to helping adolescents “survive and thrive” in middle school. She does this by working with them to identify each child’s unique strengths while practicing key leadership and communication skills.

Her work with teens builds on these strengths and skills with the intention of preparing them for the college application process. Studies are showing that “soft skills” are essential to being a productive and supportive team member and leader, and Jill coaches teens with an eye toward this. These skills will prove invaluable in college and the workplace beyond.

Jill believes that interviewing is a learned skill that isn’t often taught in undergrad and post-grad schools. Being able to articulate your story to employers is a way to differentiate yourself in the competitive marketplace. Jill works with young adults who’ve recently graduated to seasoned professionals getting ready for their next step.     

About Me…

Prior to becoming an independent consultant, Jill was a classroom teacher, and her clients credit her with outstanding coaching and facilitation skills. She can “read” a room and is able to adjust her approach based on the dynamics and needs of the situation. Jill has a BA in History and a Masters degree in Teaching. In addition, she is on the board at Tiospaye, a transformational leadership non-profit based in Durango, Colorado. She is committed to creating a generation of empowered contributors through personal coaching, education, and a variety of volunteer opportunities. This commitment to vision is at the core of her work, and is the touchstone of her interactions with clients, family, and friends. Jill truly makes the world a better place. After several years in Denver, she now lives in Durango, Colorado.