Coaching Packages

The School Year Package: Three months of coaching, $1300

Three hour-long in-person meetings (Denver or Durango, CO local only.) Nine hour-long coaching calls, to be scheduled in advance.

We will begin and end our calls within the hour-long time frame. I will call your child at the scheduled time, and expect that he/she is ready for the call. All calls will be scheduled when the package is booked, and cannot be rescheduled. No exceptions.

The Flexible Foundation Package, $400/month

In order to better serve my clients, I have created a service package that creates more flexibility and accessibility than the traditional School Year Package. The Flexible Foundation package is based on the understanding that adolescents and teens communicate in a variety of ways, and they are more likely to text than call if they have a quick question or want a bit of redirection on the fly. Often, waiting until our weekly call is “too late” to address what’s on their mind.

The package includes:

5 hours of access to Jill per month via text, phone call, or email. Jill will be available between 7:30am-9:00pm, Monday through Saturday. Time will be tracked via app, and an invoice will be sent at the end of each month.

If the 5 hour limit is reached before the 4th week of the month, an invoice will be sent and I will reach out to the client’s parents to discuss an additional retainer. If the hourly limit is not reached within 30 days, up to 1 hour ($80 value) will be rolled into the next month’s retainer.

In order to create a solid coaching foundation, the first 30-60 minutes of the retainer will be devoted to a call, Google Duo call, or in-person meeting. We will focus on social-emotional development, personal goal setting, and accountability. The goal is for clients to be more self-aware, empowered, compassionate, and in contribution to their families, friends, and community.

Who do I work with?

People whose lives are working, but they want to take it to the next level: I specialize in working with adolescents and teens who want their current lives to align with their dreams. Middle and high school is a challenging time for kids and their families. Relationships can become strained as parents and kids redefine how they connect, support, and challenge each other to grow. I help young people identify their goals, strengths and challenges, and give them tools and strategies to achieve these goals and strengthen their relationships in the process. These “soft skills” are essential for both professional and personal success in adulthood, and will be especially important as high schoolers transition into college. By being able to identify their personal strengths and challenges and to articulate them clearly, students become more marketable to colleges and employers.

To be clear, this is coaching, not therapy. If you are seeking a therapist or other mental health professional, I wish you the best of luck and encourage you to look elsewhere. However, if you or your child are looking to “up your game” and elevate your relationships and results, I’m your girl.   

In the case of adolescent and teen coaching, it is important that I build a working relationship with parents as well as their child. You are both my clients, but I am working specifically with your child. In order for me to fully support your child, I will need to connect with you from time to time. You will receive an emailed report on a monthly basis, which will outline the work that we have done and what we are working toward. While confidentiality about coaching calls will be held with your child, it is important that we are all on the same page. It is also important to note that I am a mandatory reporter and will take detailed confidential notes of all of my coaching sessions.

What does this whole thing look like?

After an initial phone call with parents, I will set up weekly hour-long coaching calls with your child. They will receive three calls per month, and if you are Denver or Durango local, we will set up an in-person meeting once per month. In-person meetings are designed to help us stay connected, dig deeper into the coaching principles, and make myself available to parents if need be.