The End of an Era

Just like that, it’s over. No more school. It feels strange to be untethered from a profession I love so dearly, but here I am, a free agent. I’ve done my fair share of crying in the last couple of weeks, but to be honest I thought I’d cry even more than this. The end of the school year feels more like the continuation of a cycle, not a loss. It feels like growth, like stepping into the unknown. I guess this is how the 8th graders felt at graduation. At least I hope they did.


Here we go!

I’m a teacher, but not for much longer. It feels strange to know that a month from now, I will no longer have a classroom to set up, have students to teach, have fellow teachers to collaborate with. I really really love my job, you guys. I’m living the dream. For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to be a teacher, so why am I giving it up?

The answer is simple: it’s time. After working with personal development centers in New York and Colorado for five years, some essential understandings have occurred to me:

  1. You are the author of your life, which means that you are responsible for all outcomes. Because this is true, it is entirely up to me to create my own dream life.
  2. No one is coming. I say this in the most positive way possible: in a “put on your big boy pants” sort of way. The knowledge that you get to handle your own stuff means that you are empowered to take action.
  3. Listening to your inner voice is ESSENTIAL for survival. If you want to thrive, connect, and feel totally loved and supported on a regular basis, you’re going to have to listen to yourself. It’s one of those things.

All of these understandings led me to the decision to leave my dream career and leap into the void of consulting, gigging, and trusting the universe. I swing back and forth between terrified and trusting, but in general the trust side is winning.

This will do for now.